In February, I returned from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai with, as always, lots of new ideas. My recent Spring Retreat with Liz Murtha, 26-28 April in Salisbury, went well and my next dates, also in Salisbury will be 25-27 October and 28-30 March 2025. Please see my events page for more details, including how to book a place.

My book ‘Breath for Health’ can be ordered online by following the links on my publisher’s website collectiveinkbooks. Readers can now post reviews on all online booksellers. I also post updates on Facebook @breath4health and I now have an author’s website where you can find more details about my book and read my blogs on breathing matters. I am available to present 3-hour talk and practical seminars on better breathing.

Podcasts on which I’ve been invited: Dr Amy Wheeler (Yoga Therapy Hour) Yoga Therapy Hour ; J. Brown (on the topic of Yoga Therapy) J. Brown; Danielle Sax (on Breathing and Stress) UK Health Radio; Paula Vail (Elevating Your Life) KMET-TV;  Rev. Carol Saunders on The Spritual Forum. Upcoming, with former BBC correspondent Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster.

Last December I was invited to a talk in London by Leslie Kaminoff yogaanatomy on the respiratory diaphragm. I had a great time picking up ideas from LK and chipping in now and then with points I can remember that were made by our teacher Sri TKV Desikachar. On my way to the KYM, I spent 10 days at a family-run Ayurvedic Centre, Kallyani Ayurveda, recommneded to me by Dr Timothy McCall who was having one of his regular treatments there at the same time. We had some great conversations in this beautiful setting.

I also have responsibilites as Chair of the British Council for Yoga Therapy. Yoga Therapy, which helps people improve their own health by practising bespoke daily exercise, has benefits which often complement those available from conventional medicine. Therefore, one of my responsibilities is to oversee the promotion of yoga therapy to the wider public.

Continuing Professional Development

If you are looking for a tutor to deliver an interesting, instructive and inspiring CPD day for yoga teachers in your area, I am currently still available to offer an in-depth look at the material both in my book ‘Breath for Health’ and many yoga topics beyond, with always the opportunity to pose questions.

My Day Seminars

So far in 2024, I’ve taught three Breath for Health seminars, one in Stockbridge, Hampshire on 9 March and two in Salisbury on 13 April and 9 June. I’ve just agreed to teach another Breath for Health seminar in Stockbridge on 19 October; you can book here:

My Weekend Yoga Study Retreats

Apart from a break in 2020-21, these twice-yearly retreats have been going since 2010 and offer a highly successful mix of yoga practice (postures, breathing, chanting and meditation) with discussions on ways the teachings of yoga can help us lead more fulfilled lives. In recent years, our weekends been held at the spiritual centre of Sarum College in the beautiful setting of Salisbury Cathedral Close. My Autumn Retreat this year will be co-tutored by Andy Curtis-Payne 25-27 October on the theme ‘Breaking Out of Stress’ and 28-30 March next year Liz Murtha will again return to the UK to help lead another wonderful Spring Retreat.

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Link for Sarum College

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