Online Class: Breathing Topics and Nyasa

My Sunday morning 8:15-9.15 UK time classes are currently ongoing. In the first 20 minutes of each meeting, I share my current thoughts on remedial breathing, which often leads to blog post at The rest of each meeting is a traditional meditative based on one given by my mantra teacher, the late Mrs Radha Sundararajan, on her last visit to the UK. This weekly practice is aimed to draw you into a meditative frame of mind through easy movements, breathing, mantra and nyasa (placement of hands).

Please contact me for the link and password if you’d like to join our friendly group. If you can, please pay £5 per class you attend twobirdsyogasumupstore.

Face-to-Face Classes

For 38 years, I’ve been offering weekly classes on Tuesday evenings in the Tadley area, currently at the Ambrose Allen Centre RG26 4ER. You can enjoy easy to intermediate asana (postures) coordinated with the breath. As well as potentially improving your breathing and movement, these exercises will give you a sense of involvement and relaxed concentration.
A new five-week session will begin on 21 May. Fees are £30 for 5 weeks paid in advance, Tuesdays from 6.00 to 7.00pm and from 7.20 to 8.20pm.

Drop-ins by experienced students are also welcome: – £7 per class. For further details please contact me at moc.agoysdribowt@leahcim

Click here to download map and directions to the Ambrose Allen Centre (.pdf file 42kb)

Open-air classes Pamber Park RG26 3TN are now a regular summer feature. These classes started during the pandemic and will now be a regular feature in August/start of September.

Click here to see further testimonials from my students (.pdf file 27kb)