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Two Birds Yoga is the banner under which I teach breath-based yoga to group classes, individuals, day or weekend seminars and Vedic chanting and offer mentoring to other teachers. For the last 35 years, I've been offering a thoughtful approach, centred on breathwork and something called Bhavana. This means using close attention with a little imagination to become gradually more sensitive to how your body and breath are working, moving and feeling.

NEWS: I shall be teaching another short seminar at StudioYoga near Stockbridge, Wiltshire on Saturday 9 March 11am-2pm, book at here My book 'Breath For Health' will be published worlwide on December 8 by Collective Ink. You can also pre-order on Amazon, Hive or Waterstones for delivery from 8 December. Or your can still get pre-release signed copies from me by post or at events where I'm teaching. You can order here twobirdsyogasumupstore for delivery in a few days. My author sales so far are over 300 copies, mainly in the UK but also in Europe and the Americas. So very many thanks to my hundreds of readers; from 8 December you can post reviews on all online booksellers. I also post updates on Facebook @breath4health and I now have an author's website breath4health.yoga where you can find more details about my book and read my blogs on breathing matters.

I had a great time at the Om Yoga Show with my students Jacqui and Emma and YTA colleagues Diana, Eleni and Sarah. I gave a lecture and taught three classes, as well as maybe a dozen brief 1:1 breathing checks - for free. Also I made some good contacts with BWY and Teen Yoga. However, the Show is a very large and diffuse affair. Yoga seemed at times a bit of a sideline and Saturday was the only day that really buzzed and on which I sold more copies than Friday and Sunday put together.

So it's back now to normality and my responsibilites as Chair of the British Council for Yoga Therapy. Back in June I was interviewed by Dr Amy Wheeler as part of her current Yoga Therapy Hour series. You can listen here: Yoga Therapy Hour More recently, I was interviewd by J. Brown on the topic of Yoga Therapy; you can listen here .

Please browse through my webpages which cover all the aspects of Yoga which I'm currently teaching - Yoga is many-faceted so I hope you find something for you. If you are hesitant, please be assured that Yoga is for everyone alive today. For most of us Yoga works initially through a combination of bodywork, breathwork and attention - i.e., mindfulness. Yoga builds gradually from simple, accessible beginnings, establishing secure and beneficial proficiency before moving on.

I also offer group classes, chanting lessons and events such as day and weekend seminars and retreats - please see relevant pages.

I also come under the banner of the Society of Yoga Practitioners; we all offer individual teaching and therapy and some of my colleagues in TSYP offer foundation courses to take your interest in Yoga further and possibly lead to the training necessary to become a Yoga Teacher or registered Yoga Therapist.

Yoga is DIY Mind Control

The term 'rat-race' was coined long before we had smartphones and social media, but has even more meaning today when we're at risk of becoming rats in a worldwide laboratory, monitored and manipulated by the IT giants. So learn to control your own mind rather than let others do it for you. Join a yoga class, put your phone on silent and make friends with your breath.

Contact: michael@twobirdsyoga.com

Last Updated: 6 December 2023