Individual Tuition

While the current coronavirus situation at first appeared to put paid to 1:1 teaching, this has not been the case. While restrictions continue, remote 1:1 teaching is the best help you can get to advance your personal practice or tailor your yoga practice to specific needs. Observing you on Zoom or Skype as if through a window, I can ask you to move or redirect your camera so I can observe your movements from all angles. The hope is not that I can resume seeing people face to face in the near future.

Online class participation is also available (see page). However, while beneficial and a good introduction to any style of teaching, personal tuition is still the ideal. According to the principles established by Krishnamacharya, the practice of Yoga is to be adapted to the person being taught, their age, background, occupation and previous experience. The possibilities for adaptation to a person's needs are much greater in a 1:1 situation.

Especially if you are affected by medical conditions or emotional pressures, benefits are more likely to occur within a 1:1 relationship. This allows me to give you a personal plan to practice at home for a week or two and then report back to me on its effectiveness. The plan can then be modified from meeting to meeting, according to your feedback and progress. Continuing within a one-to-one context, any aspect of Yoga can be developed for you in any depth, guided only by your aspirations and my advice as to your best direction of study and practice.

Currently, I see one-to-one students on Fridays, between 8am and 6pm, on Skype or Zoom. PLease book via email My fees are £30 per hour. You will be expected, as far as possible, to practice daily between meetings. An initial course of six lessons is recommended; following this the frequency of meetings is typically monthly for established students. While countless numbers of people have experienced great benefits from the practice of Yoga, these benefits occur on an individual basis and no guarantees can be given.

I am registered as a Yoga Therapist with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council a body that is campaigning for greater recognition of Yoga and other complimentary therapies and the benefits they can contribute to public health.