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Online Breath4Health and Nyasa Meditation

Both series of Michael's Breath4Health classes on Zoom have now been completed. Here is a typical response:

"First of all thank you so much for your excellent breathing classes. I have now incorporated the exercises into my daily yoga routine. I can't believe that having practiced yoga most of my adult life I have paid so little attention to breathing. I was diagnosed as a mild asthmatic decades ago and my wheeze has now gone! " (Vicky T).

Now that my set of talks with practice suggestions has come to an end, every Sunday morning 8:15 UK time, I will show how I use an Ujjayi Inhalation as a means to open the Heart-Space, based on my own insights and experience. I will be adding this to a version of a traditional meditative practice which was given to TSYP by my mantra teacher, Mrs Radha Sundararajan, when she visited the UK last October. This practice will draw you into a meditative frame of mind through easy movements, breathing, mantra and nyasa (placement of hands). Each week I'll begin with a very short talk on a topic associated with Yoga and bring a new subject for the meditation. All welcome; Ujjayi Inhalation will be an aid, if accessible, but not a requirement. Seated options available throughout.

Please contact me for the link and password.

These meditation sessions are now kindly being promoted by the World Yoga Festival, at which I was due to teach before it was sadly cancelled for this year. Please check their website for other great online sessions which you can join. World Yoga Festival

Provided you are not suffering loss of income in this current crisis, please send me £5 per class, payable to twobirdsyoga@live.com (paypal.me/2birdsyoga).

To contact Michael (or to find me in PayPal): twobirdsyoga@live.com

Our Tradition

In Yoga, we have a form of exercise, therapy and self-development that has ancient roots in India but was brought into the 20th century by such legendary Indian teachers as Sri T.Krishnamacharya (pictured above right) and Sri Swami Shivananda. As such, Yoga has unparalleled breadth and depth of application in today's world, especially as regards therapuetic breath-work to help us over our current crisis in many ways.

Our Story

I had the great fortune to study, on many occasions, with Krishnamacharya's son, Sri T.K.V. Desikachar. Both Sri Desikachar and his father were determined that Yoga should be made accessible to all who could benefit from it. Coming from an ancient lineage of Yogins, Sri Krishnamacharya was able to draw both on his deep heritage and from his studies with teachers whose like does not exist today. In the UK, an unbroken link with the teachings of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar is maintained by the Society of Yoga Practitioners (TSYP) www.tsyp.yoga.

Befriending the Breath

Most of Krishnamacharya's Yoga involves the breath in some way, so befriending the breath is essential. Starting with the coordination of breath and movement, we progress through the more precise application of the breath in Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breath-work) to the more subtle Yoga practices known as Mudra and Bandha. These prepare us for Dharana and Dhyana (concentration and meditation). However, by working with the breath, these subtle qualities can appear relatively early in our practice. In our tradition, at every stage, we adapt lessons and practices to suit the needs and aspirations of the individual or class being taught. Everyone should be found some way of participating and benefitting.

Breath for Health

Especially, many of the long-term conditions from which people suffer today can be alleviated, or made more bearable, through appropriate work with the breath. This is why I started 'Breath for Health' classes two years ago, to apply my knowledge and over 30 years' experience of practice and teaching around the breath to anyone I can help. These classes, in a differnt form, have now moved online (see above).

Yoga is DIY Mind Control

Facebook and so many other apps are purposely designed to be addictive. So learn to control your own mind rather than let others do it for you. Join a yoga class, put your phone on silent and make friends with your breath.

To learn about about classes, individual tuition, day seminars or residential retreats, please see the following pages or contact Michael: michael@twobirdsyoga.com


Based on advice from the UK Government, BWY, CNHC and TSYP, from Monday 16 March Michael cancelled all his face to face teaching until the middle of July and even now is only teaching open-air classes to a limited number of his regular students.